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ASIC Resistance: Will Ethereum Join Monero Against the Mining Giant?

Subsequent to Monero hard fork Ethereum may abandon PoW to send ASIC miners to the penalty bench. The crypto community is bracing for a real revolution – leading cryptocurrencies may abandon the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm. The reason is the far-reaching game of mining giant Bitmain, which is building up its monopoly on the market by

UNICEF Australia Offers Users Option To Mine Crypto As Donation

UNICEF Australia has released a website that will let users opt-in to mine crypto with their devices as a form of donation UNICEF Australia announced yesterday, April 29, an initiative that allows users to give over their computer’s processing power to mine cryptocurrency as a donation to the charity. We're excited to launch The Hopepage.

Why Canada has Emerged as a Leading Blockchain and Crypto Nation: Expert Take

There are four pillars: innovation, low energy costs, high internet speed and favorable regulatory regime In our Expert Takes, opinion leaders from inside and outside the crypto industry express their views, share their experience and give professional advice. Expert Takes cover everything from Blockchain technology and ICO funding to taxation, regulation, and cryptocurrency adoption by

Dow Jones Media Group And Brave Blockchain Platform To Test ‘Consent-Based Ads’

A partnership between the Dow Jones Media Group and Blockchain project Brave browser will test how to cut out middlemen in online advertising The Dow Jones Media Group and the Blockchain-powered privacy-oriented web browser Brave have formed a partnership to test Blockchain technology in digital advertising, according to a press release published yesterday, April 18.

GPUs And ASICs – A Never Ending Battle For Mining Supremacy

Graphics cards have given ordinary people the ability to mine cryptocurrencies but the emergence of ASIC miners has thrown a spanner in the works. Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, cryptocurrency mining has been popular both for average enthusiasts and hardcore fanatics. In the early days there was no such thing as an application-specific integrated circuit