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St Patrick’s Busiest Mytaxi Day Ever With Upsurge in Demand on e-hailing App

Mytaxi, Ireland’s leading taxi e-hailing app, carried 3.6 million passengers in Ireland over the first quarter of 2018, with St Patrick’s Day its busiest day ever. The app registered a record amount of trips on March 17th this year, more than on any single day previously including on the Hailo platform – surpassing the previous

5 ways to make your customers more loyal using technology

As a business owner, there’s no doubt that you want all of your customers to turn into loyal and regular patrons. Unfortunately, business isn’t always that simple, and factors such as price, location, convenience and advertising can all persuade your customers to shop elsewhere. In today’s digital marketplace, there’s more competition than ever, and so

Preserving Endangered Wonders of the World with Google and CyArk

Ben Kacyra was one of the creators of the world’s first three-dimensional laser scanning systems. In 2001 after watching the Taliban destroy the 1,500 year old Buddha statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan he set up the non-profit CyArk. CyArk intends to record and preserve monuments of historical and cultural value that are at risk due to

How Cryptocurrency Affects Video Games

Guest post by Jonah Blake, Founder and Managing Member of NewCurr and DebtMet.  If you’re like me, a complete video game nerd to the core, you probably had an advantage fundamentally understanding cryptocurrency when it was first widely introduced. For years, gaming studios and publishers all over the world were introducing their own in game

Cutting out the Middle Man with the P2P Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is taking off. From homes to cars and from bikes to parking spaces, we are, increasingly, willing to share what we own with others – for a price. The global average of people who are willing to share their assets is 68%, while 66% are willing to borrow from others. Some 25%