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Chinese Police Arrest 4 Suspects For Alleged $13 Mln Crypto ‘Pyramid-Scheme’

Chinese police have arrested four suspects in an allegedly fraudulent crypto scheme in the northwestern city of Xi’an that cost investors $13 mln. Police in China’s northwestern city Xi’an have arrested a primary suspect and three accomplices for a suspected cryptocurrency “pyramid-scheme” that is alleged to have defrauded over 13,000 investors of ¥86 mln ($13

Banks and the Crypto Industry: Asia

What to expect for the future of banking and fintech Bitcoin captured global curiosity when its’ value skyrocketed in 2017. Yet, financial institutions have been slow to add operational value to the crypto market.   The common denominator among places where governments and banks have restrained digital markets is the lack of transparency and control they

The Demographics of Innovation Why Demographics is a Key to the Innovation Race By James Liang, reviewed

By @SimonCocking review of The Demographics of Innovation, Why Demographics is a Key to the Innovation Race, By James Liang. Published by Wiley £22.95/ US$29.95/ EUR27.60 In recent decades—as a result of increased urbanisation, industrialisation, and resulting affluence—people are having fewer children. This new demographic scenario has created a set of troubling social problems, such as labour shortages and a decline of economic dynamism. Written by James

China’s Telecom Giant Huawei Launches Blockchain-As-A-Service Platform

China’s Huawei has debuted its first Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform built on Hyperledger technology. Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei revealed its latest Hyperledger-fuelled Blockchain offering at a conference in Shenzhen Tuesday, April 17. The Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) tool, which comes a month after the release of Huawei and Hyperledger’s joint project Caliper, will be known as the decidedly