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US Federal Trade Commission To Offer Free Workshop On Crypto Scams

The US Federal Trade Commission will hold a summer workshop on consumer protection against crypto scams. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will be holding a free workshop this summer titled “Decrypting Cryptocurrency Scams” according to a press release published today, April 30. The workshop’s main aim is to educate the public about risks in

In Apparent Exit Scam CEO Of German Startup Is ‘Over And Out’ After $50 Mln ICO

In apparent exit scam, German startup Savedroid founder posts a Tweet saying “over and out” аfter raising $50 mln in ICO. Update: Thursday, April 19, Savedroid’s CEO posted a video to YouTube claiming that the apparent exit scam was actually a PR stunt the company pulled off to advocate for “high quality ICO standards.” The

Chinese Police Arrest 4 Suspects For Alleged $13 Mln Crypto ‘Pyramid-Scheme’

Chinese police have arrested four suspects in an allegedly fraudulent crypto scheme in the northwestern city of Xi’an that cost investors $13 mln. Police in China’s northwestern city Xi’an have arrested a primary suspect and three accomplices for a suspected cryptocurrency “pyramid-scheme” that is alleged to have defrauded over 13,000 investors of ¥86 mln ($13

Japanese Police Arrest 12 Men For Allegedly Buying $1.7 Mln In Bitcoin With Fake Fiat

Japanese police have arrested a total of 12 suspects in connection with an alleged Bitcoin ruse, involving almost $2 mln in counterfeit fiat. Tokyo and Hyogo police have arrested a further five persons in connection with an alleged fraud case involving ¥190 mln ($1.7 mln) worth of Bitcoin, bringing the total number of arrested persons

Philippine Senator Demands Harsher Penalties For Crypto-Involving Crimes After Local Scam

A Philippine Senator has stressed the priority of imposing stricter penalties for crimes involving crypto. Philippine opposition Senator Leila de Lima is pushing fellow senators to move forward with her bill to impose stricter penalties for cryptocurrency-related crimes, according to a press release from the Philippine Senate published April 16. De Lima, a former justice