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Meet’s Cryptocurrency Market Cap Aggregator — Satoshi Pulse

This week the website, the go-to web portal for all things Bitcoin, has launched ‘Satoshi Pulse’ a cryptocurrency market capitalization page that shows total digital asset market valuations, current prices, hourly – daily – weekly percentages, charts and more. Just like the rest of the informative resources and tools hosted on our website, with

Preserving Endangered Wonders of the World with Google and CyArk

Ben Kacyra was one of the creators of the world’s first three-dimensional laser scanning systems. In 2001 after watching the Taliban destroy the 1,500 year old Buddha statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan he set up the non-profit CyArk. CyArk intends to record and preserve monuments of historical and cultural value that are at risk due to

Ireland Missing Out on €9 billion Per Year in Value From Data

In the most comprehensive, first-of-its-kind look at the economic contribution that data provides to the Irish economy, The Data Economy Report reveals that the Republic of Ireland is tapping just over half of the potential value of its data – although the Data Economy is currently worth €9.96 billion annually to Ireland, this is only