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Revenue Clarification Prompts Confusion Amongst Airbnb hosts

An update from Revenue on the tax treatment of expenses of Airbnb hosts issued last week has sparked some confusion, with leading tax refund specialists reporting a surge in enquiries in the last week from hosts querying what exactly this development means for them., who are the official partners of Airbnb, say that

Your 2018 Guide to eCommerce Sales Success: Meet Consumer Expectations

Guest post by Ashley Kimler Remember when the buzzword was “responsive?” It took us awhile, but eventually most of us working in the online world caught on. Now, we realize the importance of our content being viewable from multiple devices. Now, we have new jargon to learn. Here is the foundation you need for eCommerce

Online Shipping Company From Over Here Signs Million Dollar Deal Over There

Online luggage shipping company has just signed a $1 million deal with US couriers to ship customers’ items in and out of the States to 500 new global routes. Opening an office in New York to work directly with these couriers, the deal will give the East Belfast operation access to hundreds of thousands

UN to host global commodities forum 2018 next week

The Global Commodities Forum is part of the UNCTAD Technical Cooperation programme, Breaking the Chains of Commodity Dependence. Launched in 2010, the Forum provides a high-level, neutral multi-stakeholder platform to discuss issues related to the production and trade of commodities, with a focus on developing countries. It aims to generate partnerships and innovative policy ideas for leaders of

UN assessments help three countries to get e-trade ready

Assessments carried out by The United Nations conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)  have helped three countries to advance their e-commerce skills, according to reports released today. The Lao Peoples’ Democratic Republic, Myanmar and Liberia are among the world’s least developed countries and are asked the UNCTAD to help boost trade and create jobs. The